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Arab Knowledge Management Society (AKMS)

General Information

AKMS was founded in Amman, Jordan, on
July 10th, 1990 as the “Arab Management Society”. Subsequently, Arab managers and businessmen in the Arab world became aware of the importance and consequences of their role, and recognized the necessity of coordinating their efforts to serve the business communities in their countries.  They organized themselves and made valuable contributions, but their efforts fell short of having an association that would bring them all together as individuals and as a society. This organizational unity of business professionals is necessary to enhance the concept of modern management in a comprehensive framework, disseminate the principles of management, and exchange attained expertise.

To emphasize the group’s objective towards a knowledge society that uses modern management and technology to effectively develop the Arab potential, the name of the organization was amended to Arab Knowledge Management Society (AKMS), and became a comprehensive non-profit Arab national association. AKMS gives the Arab management profession due care and attention, so that it can perform its role efficiently and contribute to the ideal utilization of resources. Its establishment was founded partly in response to calls for change in facing social and economic development in the Arab world.

AKMS aims at utilizing modern management techniques and the latest technology to effectively develop the Arab potential and increase the social and economic output from institutional knowledge resources.

The main challenges to effective implementation of knowledge management solutions in the Arab world are social and cultural in nature.  Technical issues are significant, but the key objectives of knowledge management are linked to senior management initiatives in addition to the social responsiveness of organizations and awareness of the general community.

Knowledge management is an idea specifically concerned with the organization’s ability to use implicit and explicit expertise in realizing an economic advantage.  AKMS does not endeavor to disseminate useful information only for this purpose, but also for a much wider spectrum, in order to effectively develop the Arab “knowledge society”.


1.             Focus on the social, cultural and organizational aspects of knowledge management. 

2.             Contribute to debates on government policy and procedures related to the management and development of the infrastructure of the knowledge society. 

3.             Comprehensively define and explain an understanding of knowledge management and development, and disseminate this understanding to Arab businessmen so that they may more fully utilize knowledge management principles and identify knowledge management business opportunities. 

4.             Study social, cultural, and economic issues and related regulations in the Arab countries that influence the effectiveness of knowledge management initiatives.

5.             Exert serious efforts to develop social and cultural factors that encourage individuals to share knowledge within a community. 

6.             Increase the number of people with access to computers, the Internet and related technologies. 

7.             Formulate pan-Arab business statements on knowledge society policies. 

8.             Contribute, from the Arab business perspective, to multilateral forums concerned with issues related to the global knowledge society. 

9.             Act as a representative of the pan-Arab business community before the Arab League and Arab organizations regarding issues concerning the knowledge society.

10.         Develop the bases and standards for an Arab Knowledge Management Certification, which will help to develop the professional and educational standards of knowledge management professionals.

More information about AKMS are presented in this pamphlet: 





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