Aden Refinery Company

The Aden Refinery is the largest industrial establishment in the Republic of Yemen, with respect to annual income and the vital part it plays in the supply of all the country’s needs of petroleum products, household cooking gas, and road asphalt. Aden Refinery continues to play its traditional role as a producer and supplier of bunker fuels to various destinations in the world.

This is achieved by maintaining ties with the international petroleum products markets in all facets of oil refining and products marketing. The great legacy of petroleum refining industry norms and practices, spanning over a period of more than five decades, has instilled in Aden Refinery Company a great will, a firm decision, and an aspiration for excellence in providing clients with the best petroleum products, which conform to industry specifications and standards recognized worldwide.




Alatheer Audit & Consulting

Alatheer Audit and Consulting is a specialised professional firm for Audit and Consulting services.

Alatheer team consist of resources with high profile qualifications experience in project management, HR, and business advisory. Within a short time since inception and for a period of less than three years, Alatheer proved that it can arrange the specialised resources required to execute projects with high profile clients  and provide them with outstanding quality of services in field like telecommunication, IT, Banking, and many others. Alatheer served clients in governmental sector such as Tamkeen, LMRA, High Council for Vocational Training, Bahrain Training Institute and Ministry of Information and clients in financial sector such as Bank Muscat International (“BMI”), Addax Bank, First Leasing Bank (“FLB”), and FinansBank.




Description: AmCham-Lebanon

American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce

The American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Lebanon) is an official non-profit organization aiming at developing business and trade relations between Lebanon and the United States. AmCham Lebanon, member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, part of the broad network of AmChams, and member of the AmCham MENA Council, is supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce and operates from its offices in Beirut Central District. It serves as a platform for exchanges, investment contacts, and productive meetings to advance commerce between the two countries. One of its main objectives is to provide information and a network of contacts to potential U.S. investors in Lebanon as well as Lebanese investors in the U.S. Membership is open to companies and individuals with direct U.S. business dealings and to U.S. citizens residing in Lebanon who have business in the U.S. or Lebanon.





Born Interactive is a 50+ people independent New Media Agency founded in 1996 with a clear mission to deliver creative and state-of-the-art digital communication solutions. Its objective is to offer result-generating and interactive experiences to address the evolving needs of local, regional, and global clients.

Business Specialties: Interactive communication, Web development, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Optimization, Smart Phones and Tablets Apps Development, Custom Software Development, Intranet Solutions, Content Management Solutions, Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, etc.Born Interactive has already achieved more than 1,000 projects in 29 countries and 12 languages and has cumulated more than 60 awards.




Central Bank of Lebanon

Banque du Liban (Central Bank of Lebanon) was established in 1963 and began to operate effectively in 1964. BDL is a legal public entity enjoying financial and administrative autonomy. It is not subject to the administrative and management rules and controls applicable to the public sector.

The BDL is vested by law with the exclusive right to issue the national currency. It is entrusted with the general mission of safeguarding the national currency in order to ensure the basis for sustained social and economic growth. This mission consists specifically in the safeguarding of monetary and economic stability and of the soundness of the banking sector, as well as the development and regulation of money and financial markets, of payment systems and instruments, of money transfer operations, and of clearing and settlement operations.




Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D’Entreprise

Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants D'Enterprise (CJD-Mauritania) strives to promote new ideas to make companies both more competitive and more accountable by assisting young entrepreneurs who are seeking to improve their own performance as well as that of their companies. The organization operates as a decentralized network and has served over 40,000 enterprise chiefs.

CJD-Mauritania is focused on innovation and the future, and it provides a free, transparent, and tranquil place for dialogue. CJD-Mauritania is working to provide the country with a new generation of entrepreneurs, who are open and connected to the world and who are better able to grasp the changes in society.




Description: Cisco

Cisco Systems

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. At Cisco, customers come first and an integral part of the company's DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.

The concept of solutions being driven to address specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception. Since then, Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for its customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners and has become the worldwide leader in networking.





First Independent Tunisian Video Game Studio, created in 2009 and launched officially in October 2011 by Walid Sultan MIDANI. DigitalMania has been created to entertain people digitally: Video Games, Mobile applications and Web Applications.

Twelve high skilled and creative engineers and graphic experts works in DigitalMania on AAA Games, Social Games, Serious Games, Adver-Games & Mobile and web applications.

In 2012 DigitalMania will release 3 games on 3 different platform: Facebook, Mobile and PC.




Egyptian IPR & IT Center 

The Egyptian Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology "ECIPIT" was established as a non-profit and non-governmental organization so as to increase the awareness of IPR and ICT fields, and the way to use them for increasing the development rate. One of the most important objectives that ECIPIT aims to achieve is to make a fair balance between achieving a kind of commitment to the requested standards of the obligations and regulations of the international treaties, which Egypt  is, one of their members, to raise the development of IPR. On the other hand, ECIPIT gives a great concern to encourage the investments depending on Intellectual production through directing the community to some new and legal sources of knowledge like the open sources and much more without infringing IPR international or national laws. The way, which ECIPIT believes in, is one of the safest solutions for the developing countries to achieve the difficult equation. We hope also to be able to develop the SME's through IPR & ICT tools in building and adhering to the establishing activity for those enterprises.




Exceed IT Services & Training 

EXCEED is an information technology professional organization that provides high quality IT solutions and training through partnerships with leading companies. EXCEED has received numerous awards and industry recognitions as proof of its high quality services. EXCEED's goal is to be its clients' technology partner, to better understand their requirements, and to provide them with the best solution that will maximize their investment, improve efficiency, and reduce the total cost of ownership. EXCEED believes in building relationships that are enduring and scalable. Its customers are those whose top concerns are to work with the latest cutting-edge technology and to get the best service. The team behind EXCEED consists of computer and communication engineers with high level of experience in the IT industry. The spirit and the talent of its certified, professional staff distinguishes the company and differentiates its services.




Expert Software (Middle East) 

Expert Software is a global organization promoted and managed by a group of IT professionals, technocrats, and successful businessmen who contribute international expertise in emerging trends in computing solutions. The people behind Expert Software are all highly qualified with over a decade of experience. Expert Software is a Full Solutions Provider (FSP) delivering innovative solutions to its customers with speed, quality, and expertise. The company's emphasis has always been on the latest technologies. Its domain knowledge and technology expertise helps it deliver quality results in record time. Service, quality, and customer relationship have been the reasons for the company's success. Expert Software often builds IT solutions tailor-made to its clients' needs, and it always takes special pride in bringing innovative collaborative technology components and products together.




Description: Logo Gerabsys

Gerab Systems Technology 

Gerab Systems Technology (Gerabsys), an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with 25 years of Regional Distribution Expertise in Networking integration, Datacentre Consultation, products ranging from Premises cabling solutions, 19” Enclosure, Fibre Optic solutions, Media converter, cable management system, KVM Consoles, UPS to other Networking/Telecom accessories. Gerabsys is a 100% UAE national owned company and in existence since 1986  operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Muscat, Doha, Riyadh and Kuwait. It has earned an enviable reputation of being the most favored, reliable and trusted supplier to Corporate, Local Government Departments, Low Voltage Contractors, Integrators etc. Our products have been broadly accepted in GCC countries. We represent a host of manufacturers who are leaders in their own respective fields with well reputed brands.




ICT Association of Jordan (int@j)

The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) was founded in 2000 as an industry-support association for Jordan's ICT sector. Building on the nation's core asset of highly educated and skilled human resources, int@j envisages Jordan's ICT sector as a leading regional ICT hub and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT products and services.

int@j's mission is to advance and promote the constituents it represents in both the local and global markets. The association realizes its mission by positively influencing policy and legislation, offering capacity-building programs, carrying out local and regional marketing activities, and providing members with value-added services that help them grow and prosper.




Information Technology Authority

Oman's Information Technology Authority (ITA) was established in May 2006 and is responsible for implementing national IT infrastructure projects and supervising all projects related to implementation of the Digital Oman Strategy, while providing professional leadership to various other e-Governance initiatives of the Sultanate.

ITA serves as a competency center on best practices in e-Governance and in harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), thereby offering efficient and timely services, integrating processes, and improving efficiency in service delivery. ITA undertakes several projects to increase technology penetration and empower its people with required digital literacy and higher levels of competence through training and innovation centers.





Established in 2004 by a group of Omani information security professionals, InfoShield has grown into a robust firm offering a full line of world-class information security solutions, including awareness training and education, a state-of-the-art Security Operation Center for 24-hour monitoring and security surveillance, as well as professional consultation. 

InfoShield plans, designs, builds, and supports security infrastructures while helping clients make the best technology choices in order to reduce costs and down time and increase return-on-investment and productivity. Its employees have extensive experience in the areas of corporate and government information security, monitoring, security auditing, awareness training, and systems administration.




Description: iTech RGB Logo

iTech Management Consultancy

iTech Management Consultancy is an Abu Dhabi based leading technological Building Information Modeling (BIM) Company. The consultancy undertakes revolutionary technology which integrates multiple build applications, from data management, parametric modeling to development and asset management. The services offer cost effective and accurate BIM solutions for architecture, engineering and construction industries.

The group is comprised of an experienced and expert team of Program Managers, Architects, Professional Engineers, and Program Developers, all of whom share synergies and resources and skillfully deliver superior, build project lifespan efficiency. Through their consistent implementation of collaborative design information modeling and technological know-how, they are able to enhance almost every aspect of design, manufacturing, construction and facilities management processes, offering a degree of detail and integrate knowledge sharing few consultancies can offer.

iTech’s proven technology and delivery experience in the GCC, assists professionals to process workfl ow in real case project scenarios and to achieve maximum profi t throughout the growth of the project, transforming effi ciency into direct and tangible savings without diminish-ing quality.





Founded in 2004, ITIDA is a public-private partnership between the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the private sector dedicated to developing IT in Egypt.

ITIDA’s ambition is to build and champion a world-class IT industry that will play an increasingly important role in Egypt’s economic growth. To this end, ITIDA’s work is characterized by long-term commitment and substantial ongoing investment to ensure fundamental sustainable improvements.

Entrepreneurial in spirit and collaborative by nature, ITIDA works with public and private bodies, with industry players and associations, universities, and individuals to help the Egyptian IT industry develop as much and as far as possible. Above all, it is about helping organizations and individuals to work together to make the most of the potential of IT in Egypt.




Description: MDS New Logo.png

Mideast Data Systems

Mideast Data Systems Oman (MDS) was established in 1994 to become one of over 120 subsidiaries of Midis Group covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its staff is composed of 85 highly qualified professionals. MDS Oman covers its market needs through various business fields: Infrastructure, Networking, Security, Site & Power, Systems, storage and Solutions Integration.

MDS Oman operates sultanate wide and provides its client base with sales and service support backed by some of the most qualified and experienced systems professionals in the business. In order to accomplish this, the Company employs world-class engineers and consultants, nurtures them, enables them to succeed; and steadfastly commit to an ethic of integrity and service. This vision is our cornerstone and continues to guide the company today. It is this vision that has established MDS Oman as a leader in the IT Systems Integration industry in the Sultanate.




Ministry of Information and Communications Technology - Jordan

Established in 2002, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) is at the heart of the Kingdom's transformation into a knowledge based economy and contributes to the socio-economic development of the Kingdom.   MoICT is the policy maker of information technology, telecommunications, and post in Jordan. The Ministry’s policy calls for market liberalization, ending monopoly, and the withdrawal of the government from its majority ownership position in telecom & postal operators and public-private partnerships. MoICT fosters ICT initiatives that promote the adoption of ICT by all segments of the society and stimulate local and foreign investment. The government's commitment to ICT as a catalyst to development, particularly through e-learning and e-government, is creating business opportunities.

Jordan's open, transparent, and competitive environment, its sophisticated communications infrastructure, its strong regulatory reform and independent ICT regulator, its technically skilled and growing competitive-wage workforce, and its committed government and strong leadership support have established a dynamic and growing ICT sector that presents exciting investment opportunities.




Ministry of Communications - Iraq

Established in September 2003, the Ministry of Communications of Iraq has been able to accomplishments many of its goals and provide many services to Iraqi citizens in order to assist in the reconstruction of Iraq.

The State Company for Internet Services (SCIS) is one branch of the Ministry of Communications. SCIS works to deliver Internet services and information technology.




Ministry of Civil Service - Oman

The Ministry of Civil Service examines, reviews, and evaluates the general policies and plans of the civil service and the procedures necessary for their implementation and development. Moreover, the Ministry implements the general policies and plans approved for civil service, particularly with regards to employment in the units of the state administrative apparatus.

The Ministry of Civil Service prepares the basics for job descriptions and hierarchy and also participates in the preparation of organizational structure projects of the units of the state administrative apparatus that are not subject to special laws and their competencies and approves the same prior to approval by the competent authorities.




New Information Technology

Founded in 2001 - stands as a market Leader with its award winning software "SoftPharm", the only reliable scientific, medical and management software for pharmacies.

Based on a long experience in the Pharmacy business, NIT team has performed the study, design, development and implementation of the latest version of SoftPharm using  .Net Platform and SQL database forming a robust environment for Chain and extremely high volume Pharmacies. SoftPharm is available as WEB application and Standard windows forms.

More than 97% of the equipped pharmacies in Lebanon (2050 Clients) depend on SoftPharm to manage their pharmacies, patients' medical records, drugs' interaction, generic names, pharmacologic class and contra indications.

After the success that SoftPharm achieved in Lebanon, it is now being implemented in several Arab countries and to be marketed soon in GCC.




Oman Telecom Company (Omantel)

Omantel is the pioneer of total communications solutions in the Sultanate of Oman. The company has the widest choice of state-of-the-art services with the broadest network coverage. Omantel listens to understand customer needs, values feedback, and strives to deliver on its promises.

Omantel (as both Omantel and Oman Mobile) has offered the full spectrum of telecommunications solutions to the people and businesses of Oman since 1970. Over the years, as the pioneering telecommunications supplier, Omantel has worked to connect even the most remote communities to each other and to the rest of the world. As a pillar of the Omani economy, Omantel has been a leading player in Oman’s progress and national development.





PowerMeMobile is a provider of carrier-grade mobile solutions in the messaging ecosystem.

Since 2001, our products were deployed on 30 networks in 20 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Message Manager, our award-winning Messaging Platform, has provided enterprises and consumers numerous tools to communicate efficiently and intuitively. Depending on our customers’ business requirements, we provide flexible technology both as a turnkey or hosted alternative.

Our solutions enable rapid deployment of services and content, focusing on revenue growth across all areas of the global mobile data value chain.




Description: PCA-Lebanon

Professional Computer Association (PCA)

Established in 1996, the Professional Computer Association of Lebanon (PCA) is a platform for ICT companies based in and operating from Lebanon. With the tremendous changes that have occurred in the past few years and the dramatic transformations in business models at all levels, the PCA has adapted by creating new dynamics that successfully tackled the new Lebanese ICT business paradigm. At the same time, the PCA has consistently addressed business, community, and policy issues bearing in mind two simple things -- the national interest and the interests of the association's members.

PCA has considered "bridging the digital divide" as being one of its major activities, especially during the last two years. It truly believes that bridging the digital divide is the entry point to bridging all other divides, such as the health divide, the educational divide, the governmental divide, and of course the economic divide.




Qatar Olympic Committee

The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) strives to put sport and physical recreation activity everywhere in Qatar, in order to support the harmonious development of men and women in a true Olympic spirit and in accordance with the Olympic Charter. The QOC represents Qatar in regional and international sports bodies and coordinates the activities of Qatar in the field of sport at the regional and international levels.

The QOC communicates its activities and programs around the world through its print magazine “Sports in Qatar.” The QOC contributes to teaching programs of physical education and sport in schools and universities and helps in the training of sports administrators in accordance with the principles of the Olympic Charter.




Raya Holding 

Based in Cairo, Raya Holding was established in 1999 when 7 leading IT companies in Egypt decided to merge together to create the middle East’s largest CIT company. Raya operates mainly in four lines of business, namely information technology, contact center, trade line of business and smart buildings development. Along with its for lines of business, Raya Holding has recently expanded its portfolio by adding two new companies to its subsidiaries' list, namely OSTOOL for land and river transport and BariQ for plastic recycling and re-manufacturing. In 2005, the company got listed in the Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX). With a number of 3000 employees, the group has branches in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Algeria, Nigeria and USA and caters to a customer base located almost all over the world, namely USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.





S3N5A is a company that offers solutions for businesses and organizations in a global marketplace and ever more competitive who need the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve the desired objectives: import and export, trading and distribution business, construction / BTP, business to business (B2B), Moroccan and Africa market development, partners in the research project in Morocco s3n5a two-level area national consultant chef.

S3N5A project and business networks, including trade and imports and new business models. New project TRADE IN   Morocco and the USA investments in the various destinations. S3N5A has business in Morocco-America-Brazil-Lebanon-United Arab Emirates.




SAGES Capital 

SAGES Capital was formed in 2006 to promote the development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tunisia. In 2010, SAGES Capital was entrusted with the management of a fund of 50 million Tunisian Dinars, or just under 30 million Euros, to finance the development of start-ups with an innovative growth plan based on the development and/or use of innovative technologies, in order to help accelerate overall innovation in Tunisia and to allow such innovation to spread throughout the country and the region.





Based in Tunisia and operating throughout the North Africa region, SAMSTECH is an IT consulting firm and integrator that delivers high value-added services and affordable technology solutions. The company is involved in several complex IT projects in Africa and is proud to serve the governments of Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco as clients. SAMSTECH employs qualified consultants that are certified for ITIL & ITSM, Project Management, Quality Management (Six Sigma), Biometrics, and Data Center Infrastructure and have extensive multinational experience in IT consulting & service delivery. For the past two years, SAMSTECH has been involved in the ITIL V3 ITSM process; in the quality assurance and workflow design of biometric solutions; the end-to-end production of the new Seafarer ID (ILO 185 convention); the workflow process, and architecture design of Automated Fingerprint Identification systems, application delivery strategy, e-learning solutions, virtualization technologies, and more.




State Council of Oman

Established in 1997, the State Council (Majlis A’Dawla) is a financially and administratively independent legal entity based in Muscat. The State Council has the authority to review draft laws before promulgation, with the exception of those laws the public interest requires should be submitted directly to His Majesty, the Sultan of Oman. It also oversees the smooth running of development plans, encourages investment, and aims to improve the performance of administrative departments. The State Council contributes to economic and social development and works diligently for closer cooperation between the government and the public. The State Council and the Council of Ministers coordinate their activities through the Ministerial Coordinating Committee and the State Council Office.

The State Council’s members include former ministers, undersecretaries, ambassadors, judges, senior officers, and others of equivalent rank, as well as leading men of science and culture with expertise in specific fields.




State Company for Internet Services, Iraqi MoC

SCIS is one of the Ministry of Communication institutes that was founded on 22/1/2000. SCIS worked on delivering internet services from the beginning. It has a clear futuristic vision for distinguished projects in the internet field and also innovative strategies within its future plans for other fields relating to telecommunications.

SCIS has a unique style in implementing its future plans to guarantee quality in delivering services. SCIS  aims to make the Ministries, governmental institutes and all sectors of society be acquainted with information technology, developed programming systems and information systems applications to reduce digital gap and deliver the best services for different sectors of society.

SCIS has a very good infrastructure built by our brother in MOC (ITPC company) that infrastructure contains:

-               A huge nationwide optical fiber transmission network,

-               A nationwide digital Microwave network,

-               And good human resources.





TechnoMania is one of Lebanon's leading IT distributors and is widely recognized for its product knowledge, excellent support, and channel focus. The company was quickly able to establish a strong consumer base and forge ties with reliable international suppliers. In addition, TechnoMania has effectively entered the educational laboratory equipment supply sector with several projects executed successfully over the past two yea rs.Having successfully established firm roots in the wholesale distribution of computer products, TechnoMania is also pushing into software, services, and e-commerce. Its mission is to provide a cost-effective solution for the computer shopper that will achieve broad market acceptance.

What makes TechnoMania unique is its strong and long-lasting relationships with suppliers and its continuous search for the latest innovations in information technology.

TechnoMania's commitment to quality products, exceptional service, and support is recognized by a client base that includes many of the largest computer retailers, financial, telecommunications, universities, and research institutions in the country.




Telecom Regulatory Authority

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is an independent public institution legally mandated to liberalize, regulate, and develop telecommunications in Lebanon. The TRA effectively started operations upon the nomination of its board members in February 2007.

The TRA's mission is to promote competition and to ensure the rights of users of telecommunications services are respected. Through appropriate regulation, the TRA promotes investment and maintains stability in the market. The TRA issues licenses, regulations, and decisions; manages the spectrum and the numbering plan; monitors the market for any abuse of dominant market position and anti-competitive practices; and, takes remedial action when necessary.





Teletrade Computer Systems (TCS) was established in September 1993 with the intent of becoming a major provider in the Lebanese IT industry. With a budget of no more than $30,000, a staff of three employees, and in a harshly competitive environment, the corporate strategy mainly revolved around providing the best possible service and differentiating from competition. Teletrade Computer Systems (TCS) is committed to providing technological turnkey solutions and first rate services to small, medium, and large businesses in the Lebanese market. The company strives to continuously learn, anticipate, and improve to stay "in position" to provide the best possible customer experience. The company's success attracted many international IT vendors, including HP, Acer, Intel, and Microsoft, with which vital partnerships were established. Today, TCS is a leading team of more than a hundred qualified employees, all of whom are ready and able to serve the client needs and provide the best possible experience.




Tunisia Fleet Management 

Founded in 2007, Tunisia Fleet Management (TFM) is heavily involved in the installation and maintenance of data transmission and radio terminals, as well as GPS and GPRS equipment for mobile tracking of vehicle fleets. TFM is also involved in the development and maintenance of information management and feedback/alerting systems.