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FCC launches mobile phone data protection software

Future Communications Company (FCC) recently announced the launch of a unique mobile phone application called Stop Thief. The security application protects user data on mobile phones when stolen, a better alternative than trying to figure a thief's phone number and location.

  Source AME Info
  Reference http://www.ameinfo.com/209963.html

Stop Thief also allows users to remotely erase pre-selected data on the stolen mobile phone.
Mohammed Al Beloushi, Sales Training Manager at FCC, said "We strongly believe in the protection of personal data on mobile phones. That is why we internally issued a decision calling on all employees to use this very important application".

Al Beloushi called on all mobile phone users concerned about the protection of data on their mobile phones to acquire the security application whose capabilities allow for it to alert a mobile phone owner when the SIM card on a stolen device is changed, in addition to identifying its location. "That's not all" added Al Beloushi.

"It also allows users to remotely access their stolen mobile phones with the options of erasing all of the data on their phone and locking it".
Al Beloushi went on to cite a few examples of some of the key features of the application.

Those include its ease of use, the option to alert up to three selected people of a SIM card change in a stolen mobile phone, denying unauthorized users access to a device protected by the application, and the ability to erase data on a stolen mobile phone remotely.

He also added that the application does not drain a mobile phone's battery nor does it require a lot of memory space, making a very appealing program that is already popular among thousands.

In his statement, Al Beloushi also said that FCC is keen on continually improving the security standards on its devices. It is this vision that drives the company to keep improving and present its customers with the latest in security due to "the unfortunate rise in all forms of theft in the world we live in today".

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