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MOU between NUSACC and IJMA3-USA

US-ARAB CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND IJMA3-USA SIGN MOU IN SUPPORT OF HIGH TECH ROAD SHOW 2012. Premier Gateway to U.S. Tech Community, Now in its Fifth Year, Connects Arab Entrepreneurs to Cutting Edge U.S. Technology and High Tech Expertise

  Source National US-Arab Chamber Of Commerce
  Reference http://www.nusacc.org

The National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) and IJMA3-USA, the leading ICT Association for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly promote NUSACC's High Tech Road Show, now in its fifth year.  The Road Show will take place January 11-20, 2012 and will visit Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC.  In recent years, the Road Show has become a premier gateway for Arab entrepreneurs and start-ups to meet some of America's most successful high tech leaders and venture capitalists.

In remarks at the signing ceremony, David Hamod, President & CEO of the U.S.-Arab Chamber, said that the partnership between NUSACC and IJMA3-USA "will play a key role in our joint efforts to promote ICT trade and investment between the United States and the MENA region.  The partnership creates the first joint platform between an American chamber of commerce and a leading ICT association serving the Middle East and North Africa, and it comes at time when the region -- in the throes of the Arab Spring -- is focusing heavily on job creation through the transfer of knowledge and technology."

Nizar Zakka, President and CEO of IJMA3, noted, "In light of the increasingly important role of technology in the Arab world and its beneficial effects on the political, economic, and social environment, I believe that IJMA3-USA's partnership with NUSACC on the HTRS will further the development of strategic relationships for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials within the tech industry from throughout the Arab world with their counterparts in the United States."

The MOU works to establish a platform dedicated to advocating policies that advance the growth and development of the ICT industry, facilitates international trade and investment in ICT product and services, and harnesses ICT toward fulfilling critical regional development challenges.

The two organizations will jointly promote NUSACC's High Tech Road Show (HTRS), a vital platform to connect established business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials from the Arab world to the latest products, services, and trends in U.S. technologies.  High-level meetings arranged by NUSACC and IJMA3-USA will bring these Arab delegates into contact with institutional investors and leaders in America’s tech industry.

This year's Road Show will travel to Las Vegas (Nevada), Silicon Valley (California), and Washington DC. In Las Vegas, delegates will attend the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest consumer electronics event in the United States.  In Silicon Valley, delegates will attend an exclusive conference dedicated to innovation, trends, and access to finance and will make site visits to a number of America's tech leaders.  In Washington DC, delegates will meet with corporate government relations experts, technology-focused policymakers, and U.S. Government officials.

Amin G. Salam, NUSACC's Director of Business Development, noted that the new HTRS partnership "aims to develop ICT trade and investment relations through the contributions of the private sector and to strengthen joint investments in the technology sector."  The joint initiative, he suggested, will pay particular attention to strengthening cooperation and partnership in technology, best practices, and the exchange of ICT experts.  Salam concluded, "The Fifth HTRS offers the perfect showcase for technology transfer and for the increasingly important role of knowledge-based economies throughout the Arab world."

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