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Egyptians frustrated over call drops

Egyptians have become increasingly frustrated over the recent rise in the poor network coverage and mobile phone drops by the three telecom operators. Recently, a large number of Egyptians have reported connectivity problems with their phones and the issue of dropped calls.

  Source IT News Africa
  Reference http://www.itnewsafrica.com/2012/11/egyptians-frustrated-over-call-drops/

“I have seen this growing in recent days and we are unsure exactly why this is happening,” said telecom analyst Mohamed Saleh. He told IT News Africa/Bikyamasr.com that the companies have not issued a statement on the matter and he is unsure if they will admit to poor services.

Vodafone Egypt has been singled out by customers as the main culprit in call drops, but when contacted on Monday, the company said that their networks are functioning “normally” and denied that there was any problem with connections between callers.

“We have no reason to suspect that there have been any problems,” an official at Vodafone said without giving further details.

Egyptians, however, have urged the government to investigate the recent decline in services.

With the country’s mobile phone market growing dramatically in the past two years, Saleh said that this is putting more strain on the networks and the companies may not be prepared for an increase in the number of users in the country.

“It may be that they don’t have the capacity to take on a large number of calls at once with the rise in subscribers. We will watch this situation closely,” he said.

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