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Enrollment in SCS

Enrollment Requirements


A – Enrollment requirements for Active Members:


The Applicant must be a University Degree holder in the field of information techology such as informatics engineering, ormation science, computer networks, computing science, computer engineering, etc……. or he/ she must stisfy one of the requirements mentioned below beside the Membership Committee approval:

1. The applicant must be a Ph. D. holder, in a field other than information technology, but had great achievements in the applications of information technology in his/ her own field of specialiy.

2. The applicant must be a first university degree holder, in a field other than information technology, and successfully has had attended training courses of not less than 200 hours total. Such courses need to be approved by a specific SCS committee. In addition to this, the applicant is required to have executed some important tasks in the field of administration, design, computer systems or software.

3. The applicant must be an intermediate institute graduate specialized in the field of information technology, and has had practiced real information tasks for at least four years after graduation.


B – Enrollment Requirements for Sub – ordinate Members:


The applicant must satisfy the conditions mentioned below in addition to the approval of the membership committee:

The Applicant must be:

1. A Baccalaureate Certificate holder (i.e. a. General Certificate of Secondary Education holder).

2. Competent to deal with computers, at least through an operating system and a programming language.

3. Practically experienced in the field of operating or using computer for at least four years.

C – Requirements for Non – Syrian Members:

According to the Board of Directors resolution in favor of accepting non – Syrian members, the SCS divides such members into two categories – namely:

1. Fellow Members. These members must satisfy the requirements needed for active members.

2. Friend Members. These Members must satisfy the requirements needed for Subordinate members.

If you are interested in joining the SCS, kindly fill in the application form and send it back to us at the headquarters of the Society in Damascus. You are also asked to send us the required documents (Showing that you have fulfilled the above mentioned conditions) together with two of your recent photographs and a photocopy of your Identity Card) (ID).



The Enrollment at the SCS


Application form


Full Name



e.g. Female

I. D. Card No.

Date of birth




e.g. Student




Phone No.



Fax No.


e. mail


Academic qualification


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