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IJMA3 strives primarily to represent the interests of the national ICT industry associations from the
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region which constitute its members.


IJMA3, as a representative of its members shall attempt the following:


§               To Promote, lobby for, and serve as a champion for the interests and issues of concern of Member associations in domestic, regional, and international ICT forums

§               To assist member associations raise funds and execute initiatives

§               To co-sponsor all events of its members, such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and others and provide the adequate promotion of these events through its website and any means available to ensure their success

§              To promote collaboration and cooperation among ICT business communities in all Arab Countries and especially member countries

§              To represent the Arab ICT private sector and its concerns in conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and other events, within the MENA region or beyond, organized by IJMA3 or by others, which promote the interests of member associations

§             To encourage the development of standards and performance guidelines that Members would champion in their respective ICT communities

§              To assist member associations with the development of and lobbying for enabling legislation, and serve as a best practices repository of demonstrated best practices in ICT regulation

§               To encourage the development of industries upon which ICT relies, and promote linkages between ICT and these industries in member countries

§               To remain up to date with global trends in the ICT sector, and serve as an information clearing house between international best practices and member associations

§               To publish, disseminate and gather relevant information on ICT through journals, websites, reports, as relevant, and develop a library of relevant materials from around the world

§              To develop linkages with regional and global organizations and institutions which share common objectives


In the near term, IJMA3 will strive to:

§                 Provide awareness of the World Summit Award, and to strive for an Arab product to win a WSA award

§                 Represent the Arab ICT private sector at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

§               Represent the Arab ICT private sector at the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)

§                 Work toward awareness regarding IPR, Cyber crime and others.


IJMA3 seeks to recruit additional members from the remaining Arab countries to reach the total number of Arab countries members of the Arab league and by far be able to achieve its objectives more efficiently.

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