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Refurbish Activities

Iraqi Computer Society Refurbish Activities

Software and hardware refurbishing

The Refurbishment Program is an initiative of Iraqi Computer Society to provide refurbishment PCs to IRAQI Organizations.The intent of the program is to increase the number of PCs that distributed to Educational Institutions, nonprofit organization, charitable organizations, primary schools, and technology access programs.

The Iraqi Society program is especially interested in facilitating computer hardware start from 10000 to 30000 PCs monthly distribution to universities and inistitute for local or regional adminstrative offices, teaching hospital and medical trianing school, public libraries, public museums, public research establishments, charitable organizations.

What is a Refurbished Computer?

Refurbishment is the name given to the process of overhauling, cleaning and updating a computer before redistirbuted to establishments. This process includes the clearing of data and software that is left on the computer and the repair, replacement or addition of parts required to make the computer function correctly.

Who is Eligible to include in this program 

  • Societies based nonprofits , charitable organizations , public libraries, schools , access programs that supply computers to low-income families .
  • Educational Foundations,public school-based computer refurbishing programs that refurbish computers as a part of a technology access program .
  • Technology access programs. These are projects sponsored by nonprofits, charitable organizations or public schools that distribute refurbished PCs and training on an ongoing basis to students, their families and/or other low-income or disabled individuals in communities that traditionally have limited access to technology.

Reference Contacts

1-Iraqi Computer Society
Dr. Akram Mohammad Othamn
Email: akram.othman@iraqicomputersociety.org

2-Al Rafidain University College
Prof. Dr. Hilal M. Yousif Al-Bayatti
Address P.o Box 46036 Baghdad, Iraq.

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