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Expotech Technology Week 2010 - Palestine

Expotech is the only yearly forum to discuss the latest technologies with ICT experts in Palestine and a focal point to establish new relations with the private and public sector including senior government officials and main Palestinian companies.

  From 01/11/2010 to 06/11/2010
  Place Cities of Ramallah and Gaza


In 2009, The Expotech Technology Week proved to be a platform to exchange ideas among ICT stakeholders. PITA intends to create an activity  under the name of “Expotech Technology Week” to shed light on the current status of the ICT in Palestine including the strengths, challenges and opportunities factors. This event is a continuation of last year activity however, with focus more on multinationals, investors, and creating partnerships.   

It is with great pleasure to once again announce the 2010 Expotech Technology Week that will take place in the cities of Ramallah and Gaza from November 1st to the 6th 2010!

This year's Expotech Technology week will mark the seventh year the Palestinian Information Technology Association of companies (PITA) has developed a renowned business event based on the core values of delivering and updating the latest business trends, products, technologies, and services in the ICT sector.

This year, the Expotech Technology Week will feature:

   1. Palestine IT Conference(November 2nd & 3rd): This conference will be the highlight of the Expotech Technology Week and will serve as the main ceremony featuring key speakers from Palestine and abroad.
   2. Technology Entrepreneur Forum(November 2nd & 3rd): In this Forum, Innovators and early startups will present their prototypes and business ideas.
   3. Multinationals Days3. Multinationals Days (November 2nd - 4th): ICT multinational companies such as CISCO, SAP and Microsoft will get a chance to engage in a series of seminars, lectures and panels to discuss latest technologies and partnerships models.
   4. Expotech Exhibition - Gaza (November 4th - 6th): Companies will showcase their latest products and services through booths and presentations.


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