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Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit

The summit, which will take place in Dubai on 16-17 February 2008, is organised to bring together the Government of Iraq and the international private sector to discuss the key issues in Iraq

  By Iraq Development Program
  From 16/02/2008 to 17/02/2008
  Place Dubai

Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit

In partnership with the Government of The Republic of Iraq, we are proud to announce the first official Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit.

The Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit will be led by a group of ministers and their officials:

Ministry of National Security Affairs
HE Shirwan Al-Waili

Ministry of Interior
HE Jawad Al-Bulani

Ministry of Defence
HE Abdul Qadir Obeidi

Ministry of Communications
HE Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi

Ministry of Science & Technology
HE Raed Fahmi

KRG Ministry of Interior
HE Karim Sanjari

KRG Ministry for Peshmerga Affairs
HE Zeim Ali Osman

The summit, which will take place in Dubai on 16-17 February 2008, is organised to bring together the Government of Iraq and the international private sector to discuss the key issues in Iraq related to defence and security matters and to foster collaborative relationships so that the necessary international expertise can be applied to this important sector.

The summit has already received confirmation of attendance from His Excellency Abdul Qadir Obeidi, Iraqi Minister of Defence, who will be attending with a strong ministerial delegation to hold critical discussions with international defence contractors.

The summit will also be welcoming delegations from the Iraqi Ministries of Interior, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Interior and the KRG Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs (Defence), as Iraq looks for improvements within its police service, defence and security equipment procurement, civil defence, border enforcement and facilities protection.

In addition to these key areas, the summit will welcome participation from the Iraqi Ministries of Communications and Science & Technology, with emphasis being placed on the importance of technological solutions and use of information communication technology to aid the sector.

A number of the pre-eminent operators in the defence, security, technology and telecommunications market have already confirmed their participation at the summit.

The Official Government delegation will be completed by the National Security Council and senior advisors to Prime Minister HE Nouri Al-Maliki and KRG President HE Masoud Barzani. This will give a total of over 40 ministers and officials all attending with the prime purpose of sitting down face-to-face with top executives form the world’s best in breed companies and organisations.

US Government Support
The US Government has an enormous ongoing budget for defence and security procurement in Iraq. The Iraq Development Program works very closely with US officials to ensure they have strong representation and will form part of the private roundtable meeting sessions. Lead officials will be representing:

US Department of Defence
US Department of Commerce
Multinational Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I)
US Embassy Baghdad

Unique Format
IDP has now organised 14 high-level summits in partnership with the Iraqi Government. The most recent of these successes, the Iraq Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Electricity Summit was founded on a format whereby half of the summit time is devoted to speeches and presentations, and the other half devoted to one-to-one meetings.
Each Minister will speak during the opening ceremony on 16th February, giving an overview of their strategy and requirements.
Deputies & Director Generals will provide specific technical information and contract opportunities
The afternoons of both the 16th & 17th February will see private roundtables set up for each minister and their officials plus the various authorities representing the US Government. Prior to the summit, confirmed sponsors and delegates will be given a choice of preferred pre-scheduled meetings.
Limited sponsorship opportunities and tabletop presentations will be available.
Networking & Social Opportunities

IDP is responsible for the travel arrangements for all the government officials and will be ensuring that they have a day of rest on 15th February. That evening there will be a pre-registration reception that will also allow for sponsors to network with the Iraqi officials in a social environment.

Registration and participation as a sponsor is only available through the Iraq Development Program.

"The ISTC Summit proved to be a valuable event that put us in contact with potential clients and government officials it would have take far greater effort to meet."
Unity Resources Group

"A great conference. We got a lot out of it and made some new friends along the way."

"Thanks for all you did to make this summit happen."


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