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With Wataniya New "International Top up" Service

For the first time in Kuwait, an exemplary service from Wataniya, "The International Top Up" service which allows Wataniya customers to Top Up the Mobile credits of their family and friends in other countries.

  Source Wataniya Telecom
  Reference http://www.wataniya.com

Countries currently covered for this service are India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Bangladesh. There will be more countries covered in the near future.

The international top up service is an instant and convenient solution for customers allowing them to transfer credit to their friends & family members outside of Kuwait via a simple SMS!

"We are proud to be the first operator in Kuwait to offer the international top up service to our customers," proudly quoted Scott Gegenheimer GM & CEO at Wataniya Telecom. "Our aim is to create excellent products leading to real customer value. We constantly provide them with flexible & effective ways to stay connected with friends & family which is clearly evident in Wataniya's exclusive offer".

You can now top up the balance of your family & friends back home with a simple SMS hence always making you feel at home! The service requires no additional subscription and is simple to use. Just send an SMS to 1919 with the receiver mobile number adding the country code and you will receive a list of equivalent allowed value of transfer according to each operator in each country. Consequently you will be able to reply back with the amount you wish to transfer to your friends and family abroad and upon delivery of the transferred credit you sent, Wataniya will automatically notify you with a confirmation message that your credits have been delivered successfully.

Always dedicated to making its customers feel special and well serviced, Wataniya is always careful in providing its customers with the best technological and world-class services.
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