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Training effective managers

MUSCAT — Knowledge Horizon Training Centre will commence the induction of trainees for its ‘effective manager’ and ‘effective supervisor’ courses this October which will be available in on-line, blended and classroom modes. These two special batches have been organised in response to the growing interest in e-Learning here in Oman and form part of Knowledge Horizon’s popular Training Time e-Learning programme.

  Source Times of Oman
  Reference http://www.timesofoman.com/innercat.asp?detail=29273

“Interest in e-Training has grown tremendously recently — not just in Oman but in our centres across the region. There has been a fantastic up-take in the public sector in particular,” says Abeer Al Jasim, general manager, Knowledge Horizon Training Centre. “Training officers appreciate the quality of the on-line courses and the range of what they can offer. Of course, the on-line courses are very cost-effective — something that’s particularly attractive in the current global economic climate. It means that if training budgets have been cut back, the number of people undertaking training can be maintained, as can the quality of the training delivered. However, some trainees enjoy the direct contact of classroom based tuition and find it suits their learning style — with this in mind, we’re offering classroom and bended delivery modes too.”

Al Jasim goes on to say: “It has to be said that e-Learning is coming into it’s own — research suggests that over 30 per cent of all training globally is done online — and we’re proud to be part of that trend. Recently, one US company alone saw a 300 per cent increase in the number of downloads of recorded lectures via podcast and webcast in a three month period. I think this gives a typical picture of how e-Learning is progressing.”

It’s not just training officers who like e-learning, trainees too find it attractive, with its flexibility being an area that is especially popular. “The effective supervisor and manager courses can be adapted around your workload and family commitments — the demands of your daily life,” adds the GM.


Al Jasim goes on to point out that while the effective supervisor and manager courses enjoy all the benefits of e-Learning, they also have several advantages of their own: “Naturally, there’s variety of delivery, for example the DVDs that form an integral part of the courses keep learning fresh and lively and aid retention but also the material we use has been designed in the region so it’s culturally sensitive, which trainees really do appreciate. What’s more, something that many people find particularly appealing is that there is the option of following the course in Arabic. That’s great as it really does open up training and learning to so many more people — it maximises training opportunities and I think gives trainees an extra bit of confidence.”

Candidates wishing to turn the knowledge and skills they gain from the effective manager and supervisor courses into certified professional assets can enter for qualifications from City and Guilds, the leading vocational awarding body, operating in 100 countries worldwide. Knowledge Horizon has been an accredited Centre for City and Guilds for over seven years.
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