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Alfa invites technology- lovers in Lebanon to experience the 4G-LTE service at its booth at ABC Mall

Mobile subscribers and technology-lovers in Lebanon can be among the first to test the 4G-LTE service by visiting Alfa's interactive booth at ABC Mall-Achrafieh daily till 9:30 pm, until February 20.

  Source www.beirutbizreport.com
  Reference http://www.beirutbizreport.com

Through this booth, Alfa, managed by Orascom Telecom, is launching the first live tests on the 4G-LTE service in Lebanon, after having carried out, last year, the first lab test for this service during which enormous speeds were achieved, reaching up to 100Mbit/sec.

Visitors will be able to test many services through the 4G-LTE technology among those are; watching HD quality videos, browsing the Internet, downloading and uploading files at live high Internet speeds up to 30-40 Mbit / sec, that is, ten times faster than the current speeds. Other available services on location are the high quality video and voice calls, as well as, multiplayer mobile gaming over mobile broadband. Alfa team will be available throughout the whole period to assist the visitors and answer all their questions.

This interactive booth will allow technology fans to experience this major technological leap towards the 4G-LTE within the telecommunications sector in Lebanon, which will be opening up new and important horizons for the Lebanese economy. It is noteworthy that Alfa has completed equipping 20 locations with the 4G-LTE service, covering the administrative area of Beirut, and is working on equipping 20 additional 4G-LTE sites in Beirut, until the actual launch of the service in specific areas in 2013.

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