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Press Release:The Arab Internet Freedom Alliance welcomes the Republic of Yemen as the newest member in the Alliance.

The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3) and the Arab Internet Freedom Alliance (Haqouna) issued the following joint-statement


Press Release

Beirut, Lebanon

April 2, 2015

The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3) and the Arab Internet Freedom Alliance (Haqouna) issued the following joint-statement:

The Arab Internet Freedom Alliance welcomes the Republic of Yemen as the newest member in the Alliance.

The Arab Internet Freedom Alliance represents an active and supportive regional Alliance, which plays the role of an observer, in coordination and cooperation with national alliances, on internet freedom violations.  The Alliance addresses issues which affect legislation, regulation, and decision-making, which could lead to impeding internet access. Among the tasks of the Alliance is to launch campaigns to prevent or modify any actions that could impact the freedom of Internet access, and uphold the principles of freedom online.  

The Republic of Yemen has been targeted by several violations to internet freedom, most recently blocking some websites and threatening online journalists; and rebels have made direct threats to those publishing information on the recent events in Yemen. These recent actions are in violation with the principles of Internet Freedom. 

The seven Principles of Internet Freedom of the Arab Alliance of Internet Freedom

1.    Human Rights: Commitment of all stakeholders where every person should enjoy the same protection online, as offline, as this is a basic human right.

2.    Children Online safety: Advocating for children online safety in line with universal human rights.

3.    Right to Access: All stakeholders shall work faithfully to provide internet service with guaranteed minimum quality, adequate speed, fair price and reliable content, and assuring internet access without service interruption, prohibiting, filtering, etc., in addition to the social responsibility towards people with disabilities and marginalized society segments.

4.    Arabic Content: Promoting local content and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation to develop digital Arabic content to meet social and economic challenges in the region,

5.    Economic Development: The need to preserve Internet freedom non-bargained under any name being linked with the capital flow to the Arab region and in conjunction with economic growth and development in the region, particularly being directly linked to the labor sector and provide employment opportunities for the Arab youth who enjoy high ICT qualifications and low average age.

6.    Privacy: the right of users to have the necessary untouchable protection of their personal data from availability, disclosure, trafficking even if free of charge.

7.    Surveillance: The right of users not to be tapped without a reasonable prior judicial authorization.


About the Arab Internet Freedom Alliance

On the 15th of November 2013, the member states Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia met due to believing in the importance and vitality of Internet after its use has become closely associated with human rights, economic growth, and one of the essential human renewable knowledge and living needs. It acknowledges the necessity of establishing a legislating framework regarding organizing each country’s users’ dealing with the Internet, committing to the importance of protecting the internet users, without touching or derogation of any of their rights to access the service, and recognizing the right of some community segments to have special attention to access and make use of the Internet.


About IJMA3

IJMA3 (The Arab ICT Organization) is an international non-governmental non-profit organization established in 2004 and headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon and is consisting of a consortium of more than 19 national ICT association members from countries across the MENA region. As the regional voice of the ICT industry, IJMA3 is dedicated to advocating policies that advance the industry's growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services.


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